Thermal imaging can very quickly point to areas of needless heat loss and so enable energy saving measures to be put in place or repairs be made. Thermal imaging cameras can identify exactly where any heat loss is occurring therefore any problems can be immediately resolved.

The Benefits of thermal imaging:

  • Enables you to see the 'invisible'
  • Uses infra red technology
  • Helps diagnose where unwanted heat loss is occurring in buildings
  • Helps diagnose problems in the building's envelope
  • Helps trace obscure leaks
  • Can detect where insulation is missing
  • Can detect where underfloor heating has failed
  • Utilises natural radiation from the sun
  • Helps us in our every day work of property maintenance
  • Gives non contact & non destructive diagnosis
  • Used by the police and armed forces
  • It's called thermography

We are happy to help with any of the above problems.


THermal Image of a roof